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About Us

About Us

Malombo Music Association

Changing Lives

MMA is a place of inspiration. Learning and promoting mental health and well-being. Our rich support offer allows us to draw together in innovative and inspiring ways sharing, learning and celebration of Jazz Music. In envisioning a harmonious world, we strive for a future where the doors to participation, ownership, and leadership in music and the arts swing wide open for everyone.
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About Us

Our Programs

Crafting and Executing Inspirational Development Programs

We design and execute top-tier, inspirational development programs and creative performance opportunities catering to new, emerging, and established artists and music leaders.

Fostering Cultural Diversity in Audiences

We actively work towards broadening the spectrum of culturally diverse audiences, ensuring that our musical experiences resonate with people from all walks of life.

Cultivating an Inclusive Environment

We are committed to creating an open, inclusive environment that welcomes musicians and audiences alike, fostering a sense of belonging and collaboration.

Ensuring Sustainability and Nurturing Future Talent

By generating income, we secure the sustainability of our youth-focused initiatives. Through these endeavors, we cultivate a tech and artistic pool for the future, aligning with the vision of Hammersmith and Fulham as the cultural borough of London where youth stands at the forefront of creativity.

Artistic Director

Julian Bahula

Julian Bahula, a jazz musician, composer, and band leader based in London, was a pivotal figure in the establishment of the Malombo Music Association, serving as its Artistic Director until his passing on October 1, 2023. Born in South Africa, Bahula initially gained recognition as a drummer in the band Malombo, where he pioneered a groundbreaking fusion of African drums, drum beats, and traditional sounds with contemporary jazz, creating a distinctive and influential musical style.

In 1973, Bahula migrated to England, joining a group of exiled South African jazz musicians who sought refuge from the oppressive apartheid regime. This diaspora had a profound impact on the British jazz scene of the 60s and 70s, contributing significantly to the cultural and political resistance against apartheid.

Notably, Julian Bahula went on to form the renowned group Jabula, later combining forces with saxophonist Dudu Pukwana to establish Jabula Spear in 1977. His musical journey continued with projects like Jazz Afrika and collaborations with Dick Heckstall-Smith’s Electric Dream ensemble, all of which left an indelible mark on the musical landscape of the time.

Francis Gooding, in his book “Thunder In Their Hearts: South African Jazz Music in Britain,” lauds Julian Bahula as one of South Africa’s brightest jazz stars. Renowned American jazz guitarist and critic Eugene Chadbourne acknowledged Bahula’s tireless efforts in promoting the music of his homeland in the UK, particularly through the establishment of a regular Friday night series at The 100 Club featuring authentic African bands.

In 1983, Bahula, in collaboration with the Anti-Apartheid Movement, organized ‘African Sounds,’ a concert at Alexandra Palace commemorating Nelson Mandela’s 65th birthday. This event not only drew a 3,000-strong audience but also set the stage for the iconic Nelson Mandela Birthday Concert in 1988 at Wembley Stadium, attended by over 90,000 people and broadcasted live to billions worldwide.

In 2012, Former President Jacob Zuma recognized Julian Bahula’s contributions by presenting him with the Ikhamanga Gold, celebrating achievements in arts, culture, literature, music, journalism, and sports.

Bahula remained dedicated to his passion for jazz and music promotion, serving as the trustee of Islington Music Workshop (IMW) for 10 years. His extensive collaborations with internationally acclaimed musicians such as Mike Oldfield, Stevie Wonder, Peter Gabriel, Archie Shepp, Chico Freeman, Fela Kuti, and Hugh Masekela showcase his far-reaching impact on the global music scene.

His commitment to fostering musical opportunities for individuals of all ages, races, and backgrounds led to the establishment of the Malombo Music Association (MMA). Through MMA, Julian Bahula aimed to create a platform for musicians to share their love of music, collaborate, and support emerging and established artists, contributing to the realization of a just and equal society through the transformative power of music.

Testimonial By

Clarks Village Outlet Shopping

"The Clarks Village team are thrilled to celebrate 12 months of success following the opening of the Malombo Community Store in December 2021. We have been working with Malombo Charity since July 2021 and were excited to support the setup of the Community Store in Fulham, facilitating the donation of redundant fixtures, fittings and decorative items. A year on, we are delighted to hear of the impact and reach of the Charity, how it has progressed and the amazing initiatives planned for next year. We are proud to have been a part of the project and look forward to following the activities of the Charity over the coming years."


2024 Events

One concrete manifestation of our commitment is our annual Youth Jazz Festival, where we bring together budding talents, seasoned artists, and diverse audiences. Through workshops, masterclasses, and live performances, we not only provide a platform for skill development but also create an inclusive space where jazz aficionados and novices alike can share in the magic of music. In doing so, we contribute not only to the cultural richness of Hammersmith and Fulham but also to a future where the transformative power of music propels the youth to the forefront of creative expression, embodying the vision of a culturally vibrant and inclusive London.